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Family Graves is both a creative collective and a band name.

The idea was born when a group of friends with different musical backgrounds got together in a bedroom in Berlin to create forward-thinking pop music. During the recordings, there was no fixed lineup and the band shared writing duties for music and even lyrics while meeting and adding new band members along the way. The songs they created combine 'guitar music' with the production techniques of rap as well as elements of bedroom-produced electronic music – the result is a genre on its own, which the band half-jokingly refers to as „Astrobeat“. It's a philosophy as well; Family Graves have a strong bond, and they talk each idea through, sometimes using utter abstractions to come to terms. Lyric-wise, the aim is to be more challenging than the broad mass of pop acts with topics ranging from your not-so-average love song to world politics. It's about the golden mean between poetry & everyday slang, but never without the necessary room for interpretation.

The live setup may vary; it's more minimalist, with an organic feel created by a small band using live-looped elements. It gets more interesting than that though, when creative coder Junodo steps in with his unique, computer-programmed projections to help deliver an absorbing experience rather than just a live show. An intimate connection with the audience is key, and Family Graves won't ask you to clap along or try and force you to the front of the stage. They want to make you feel at home when you come out to see them play.

Their first, self-titled EP is available for streaming and download now – please listen and share, while Family Graves are working on playing shows near you soon.

Sven Hirsch – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Programming
Jakob Laue – Drums, Programming, Keys, Guitar, Vocals
Valerian Karlovarský – Programming, Keys
Marlon McDonald – Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Programming
Michael Klinkebiel – Keys, Programming
Christian Westermann – Bass, Guitar
Aylisa Löther – Vocals

Junodo – Creative Coding, Webdesign & Photography